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Office of the Chief of Police

Donald V. Britt, Chief of Police

Chief of Police Donald V. Britt leads the West Point Police & Court Services Division bringing more than 27 years of law enforcement experience. Chief Britt previously worked and retired for Griffin Police Department as a Captain of the Criminal Investigations Division.

“ One of the main differences between living in a city and that of living in a community is relationships. A true community embraces all aspects of the city and encourages relationships and partnerships within. The City of West Point has proven to be a true community. 

We, at the West Point Police Department, believe that in order to provide the best possible service to our community, we must embrace it as part of our own. This is through partnerships with businesses, schools, churches, neighborhoods, and the people therein. "

To contact the office of the Chief of Police, please dial 706-645-3540 or by email [email protected]

Michelle Meadows, Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police

The Executive Assistant is responsible for providing administrative support to the Office of the Chief. This includes a variety of complex administrative and secretarial duties and includes functions which support the department's mission. The position is responsible for organizing, coordinating, and facilitating executive level meetings and conferences. This includes maintaining a calendar of appointments, and preparing written correspondence for the Office of the Chief, programs, and supplies for executive level meetings. 

The Executive Assistant serves as the direct liaison with other departmental and organizational personnel. This position assists with a wide variety of departmental operations and performs special projects and assignments as requested.

Ms. Meadows has worked in the West Point Police Department since January 2014. She may be reached at 706-645-3540 or [email protected]